Dawn's Heart, Inc.

Our Story

Dear Supporter of Dawn's Heart,

Thank you for your interest and support of Dawn's Heart. This non-profit organization is dear to my heart and I am proud of the services we provide for children with disabilities. 

Dawn's Heart was an idea that sparked after attending a Singles Bible Study in 2011. At the close of the Bible Study, we were all challenged to discover God's plan for our lives. After a few weeks, and much prayer, it came to me! I wanted to take my students on trips around the world! At that time, I had worked as a special education teacher for seven years. I realized that my students had little exposure to the world around them. Many of them had not traveled outside of their neighborhoods and had no idea what the world had to offer. I wanted to have a role in changing that for them.  

Of course, I started small. I began taking my students on Saturday outings once a month. We went to the movies, out to dinner, ice skating, museums, and even to New York to see Sister Act on Broadway. Each outing allowed me to meet their individual needs, help them progress socially, and address critical life skills that are necessary for their independence. 

The name Dawn's Heart also has a story behind it. Although my students had attended great trips and always had a wonderful time, I wanted to do something extra special for my students by taking them to Kings Dominion and the Baltimore Aquarium that spring. My students and I had limited funds, though; I knew we would not have the money to charter a bus for both trips. I was determined to take my students both places, so I requested a meeting with a Pastor of a local church and explained our dilemma. After hearing my request, he told me that the church would pay for the bus for both trips! Then he asked, "This isn't through your school?" I replied, "No." Then he asked, "This isn't an organization either?" Again, I replied, no. Then he finally said, "So. This is just Dawn's heart." This time, I replied, "Yes!" At that moment, everything came together and I KNEW my purpose!

Dawn's Heart is not just about trips. Dawn's Heart is about improving the quality of life for children with disabilities, mentoring, and educating the families of children with special needs. 

Yours in service,

Dawn Simpkins

Founder & President